Probate And Trust Litigation

Probate And Trust Litigation

Contesting a Will in Florida Probate Courts

A potential inheritance brings out the worst in some people. Loving families are torn apart over inheritance rights that evolve into bitter disputes and arguments. The attorneys at Lauer Law, P.A. can help you settle these matters and protect yourself from additional emotional strain and hardship.

Lauer Law, P.A. can assist with resolving conflicts in Florida courts. These conflicts range in scope from academic and provisionary to highly emotional battles:

  • Judicial instructions on how to interpret documents, for example: the proper legal way to follow the decedent’s will or trust provisions
  • Undue influence, for example: a young stepmother using her influence to leave stepchildren out of the will
  • Lack of testamentary capacity, for example: a parent changing a will under the influence of medication or while suffering from dementia
  • Tortuous interference, for example: an estranged family that intentionally schemes to keep you from inheriting your share of a valuable trust

Do not let these disputes become overwhelming. Do not be intimidated into forfeiting your rights to your inheritance. Seek help from an experienced probate and estate litigation lawyer to face these conflicts with a legal strategy.

Estate and Trust Litigation

Lauer Law, P.A. represents both defendant and plaintiffs claims for matters of estate and trust litigation. Whether you need to protect what is legally yours or fight to assert your rights, Lauer Law, P.A. is an esteemed probate and trust litigation law firm in Vero Beach. With over 40 years experience drafting wills, Mr. Lauer has insight into issues around the validity of contested wills and trusts:

  • Was the will or trust executed by a person of sound mind?
  • Did the decedent intend these provisions?
  • Are these provisions indeed lawful?
  • How does the law view the provisions in question?
  • What are the rights of the beneficiaries?

Contact us for help with estate and trust litigation.
Lauer Law, P.A. can help you protect your rights and inheritance. For heirs or beneficiaries who are attempting to set aside a will or trust for lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence, or tortuous interference, we consider handling the case on a contingent fee arrangement – meaning no attorney’s fee unless you make a recovery. For an initial consultation, call Lauer Law, P.A. at (772) 234-4200, or complete our convenient contact form.



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